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For a bunch who are supposedly all about the science, our climate changey friends sure love themselves a dose of old-timey religion: Hundreds of Christians in ...

Why looking through the lens of religion can help us to understand the popularity of conspiracy theories like Pizzagate  USAPP American Politics and Policy (blog)

Conspiracy theories rarely lead to violence; with the main exception being 2016's Pizzagate which culminated in a gunman threatening a pizza restaurant which ...

NME’s Albums Of The Year 2018  NME Live

After a massive year in music, NME count down the 100 greatest albums that have been released throughout 2018.

5 gurdwaras that could be made part of Kartarpur Corridor

Five Sikh shrines in Pakistani Punjab with historical links to Guru Nanak and the other gurus now lie forgotten. Haroon KhalidUpdated a day ago. It has been ...


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