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#CFP Pop Culture and the Pop Culture Scholar | James McGrath  Patheos

Another call for papers that has me excited, since I myself have increasingly gotten involved in, or at least tried to engage in, not merely analyzing and studying ...

“Empirical Perspectives on Religion and Violence” | Dan Peterson  Patheos

A potentially significant article recently appeared on a certainly controversial topic: Joshua David Wright and Yuelee Khoo, "Empirical Perspectives on Religion ...

Triumph of Nehruvianism – Part 2  Economic Times

STRANGE PARALLELS WITH THE CONCEPT OF PAKISTAN MINORITY NEHRUVIANS It is the dominance of the prevalent Nehruvian strand of thought that ...

Why You Should Run from Religion that Emphasizes Being Right  Patheos

There is an ancient Jewish joke that two in a conflict people came to a rabbi to settle their dispute. One person gave his perspective. The rabbi immediately said, ...


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