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Copyright's Safe Harbors Preserve What We Love About the Internet  EFF

How is the Internet different from what came before? We've had great art, music, film, and writing for far longer than we've had the World Wide Web. What we ...

Sawhney Speaks at Tata Mumbai LitFest | News @ Wesleyan  Wesleyan Connection

Hirsh Sawhney, assistant professor of English and coordinator of South Asian Studies, recently participated in Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest.

Growing Chinese influence in Africa: Can Europe compete? (video)  Global Trade Review (GTR)

As China grows its influence in Africa, European firms are facing tougher competition on the continent. But is it an impossible task or are there steps businesses ...

How science fiction helps readers understand climate change  BBC News

Can imagined futures of drowned cities and solar utopias help us grasp the complexity of climate change? Diego Arguedas Ortiz takes a look.


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