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What Was It Like When Human Civilization Reached Its Pinnacle?  Forbes

The past 300000 years occurs in the blink of a cosmic eye, but it's meant everything to humanity.

Top Remote Access Software Vendors  eWeek

In selecting a remote access software solution for an enterprise, managers need to study their use cases carefully, because there are a lot of excellent packages ...

A Journey into Intel's SGX

Jessie Frazelle discusses Intel's SGX technology. Frazelle also covers an overview of computer architecture, detailing one hardware version, its flaws and ...

How Super Mario, Magic: The Gathering, and PowerPoint are low-key supercomputers  Brinkwire

In 1999's The Matrix, life as we know it is actually a virtual reality abstraction; a collection of well-shaped zeroes and ones which add up to an utterly convincing ...


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