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The parents guide to picking the right video game for your party
“Civilization 6” on PC – It's the perfect educational game for parent-kid combos and a great introduction to turn-based strategy games. The best setup for this is a PC with HDMI out, a big-screen TV, and a wireless mouse. Players can take turns in “hot ...

Can a 4X title hold insights into how games could handle storytelling?
Plenty has been said about how walking simulators and the Souls series achieve this, but much less documented is the peculiar delights of storytelling in strategy games. And there's one strategy series in particular that stands out. Amplitude Studios ...


The Classic PC Strategy game, Rise of Nations is on sale on the Windows Store and Steam for $5
Rise of Nations is easily one of the most underrated Strategy games of all-time. It's about as close to the mid-point between Age of Empires and Civilization that you can possibly get mechanically, though never achieved quite the same level of ...

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Classic PC Strategy Game Rise Of Nations: Extended Edition Available For Major Discount
When it was first released in 2003, Rise of Nations was celebrated as an excellent mix between Civilization and Age of Empires. Nearly 15 years later, the PC game continues to appeal to RTS fans, with publisher Microsoft releasing the game on its own ...


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