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The Republic

Dream big: Columbus delegation learns at redevelopment conference
The Republic
For Lienhoop, creating that kind of space also means a renewed focus on opportunities for urban living downtown — perhaps along the lines of the Cole Apartments at 200 Jackson St. — to create the kind of foot traffic that Columbus' urban core will ...

The Detroit News

Detroit in 2067: Where do we go from here?
The Detroit News
That influx is expected from the transient millennial workforce that's already shown a love for urban living. She anticipates a “churn” in that workforce as people flood into the city at Quicken Loans and other companies located downtown. There is a ...

Miki Szikszai: Urban living needs transport choices
Everywhere in the world we're seeing people heading towards living in cities. This is not a new thing, but it's growing. The latest estimates from the UN are that 55 per cent of humans can be found in urban conurbations. This puts serious strain on our ...

The Sunday Guardian

Smart cities can make urban living safer
The Sunday Guardian
Today, with over 50% of world population residing in urban sectors, achieving safety and security demands is not only critical but also very challenging. In particular, the challenges presented by urban environments are unique since they are directly ...


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