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Chris Cooper Recruited For Jon Stewart's Political Satire Irresistible  Empire

With Steve Carell and Rose Byrne already leading the cast, Daily Show host-turned-director Jon Stewart is building the ensemble for his new political comedy, ...

Comedian declares himself president of Brazil

On February 25, 2019, Brazil found itself with two presidents. José de Abreu, 72, an actor and minor celebrity who has long been active in left-wing politics, ...

Democrats Fight To Extend Voting Rights To Stupid Kids [Satire]  The Daily Wire

The following is satirical.

Clarence Thomas gets his wish: Nunes sues Twitter, satire accounts for $250 million  Hot Air

A month ago, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas issued a call to his colleagues to find a way to rethink the landmark Sullivan ruling on libel, slander, and ...


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