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No, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Germany Is Not a Model for U.S.  Barron's

The Massachusetts Democrat wants America to emulate German trade policy. A new report from the International Monetary Fund, showing how Germany's big ...

Smart irrigation model predicts rainfall to conserve water  Science Daily

A predictive model combining information about plant physiology, real-time soil conditions and weather forecasts can help make more informed decisions about ...

Laying down the Foundation for a Complete Trade-In Model  MarTech Series

By laying down the foundation for a flexible and honest trade-in model, consumers will be encouraged to convert their pre-owned devices for cash to put towards ...

How long does a surgery take? Researchers create model: Of all the data captured, greatest variability was between surgeons  Science Daily

For years, surgeons have estimated how long a surgery will take. Now, researchers have created a model using data from more than 45k surgeries over four ...


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