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Astronomy club marks a milestone  Moorpark Acorn

Like most people of a certain age, Ventura County Astronomical Society event organizer Keith Salvas remembers exactly where he was 50 years ago when man ...

Guy Consolmagno, the Vatican’s chief astronomer, on science and religion

He also digs into Galileo, icy moons, and the relationship between science and religion.

Israeli Harvard astronomer has an inalienable gravitation to interstellar study  The Times of Israel

Ahead of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Prof. Avi Loeb defiantly holds out hope that humanity will encounter other forms of life in the ...

Apollo 11 at 50  SYFY WIRE

It's been 50 years since Apollo 11 put humans on the Moon. Here are some stories you may not know about that event.


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