Last minute

Stop giving to your alma mater until they commit to these common-sense reforms
American Enterprise Institute
And the problem is only going to get worse: Humanities and social science programs are producing record numbers of Ph.D.'s, many in narrow, obscure, politicized fields so consumed with theory that they have little to no real-world relevance. There ...

Voodoo rituals—from spectacle to trauma alleviation
Voodoo rituals are more than mere show. As Yvonne Schaffler was able to demonstrate with the support of the Austrian Science Fund FWF, such rituals fulfill important social and therapeutic functions. As a cultural and social anthropologist, she studied ...

The Guardian

Why Hillary Clinton was right about white women – and their husbands
The Guardian
But social science backs up Clinton's anecdotal hunch. “We think she was right in her analysis about women getting pressure from men in their lives, specifically [straight] white women,” said Kelsy Kretschmer, an assistant professor at Oregon State ...

The Japan Times

Japan shouldn't neglect humanities studies in favor of other disciplines: Oxford professor
The Japan Times
In Japan, national universities have curbed the overall capacity of their humanities and social science departments in recent years, even though such academic pursuits have been increasingly popular with students. Instead the institutions are beefing ...


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