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More Bargain Hunting: Three Places to Find the Fattest Dividends
As the stock market struggles to get back on its feet, the sale sign is still up. It's still a good time to check the bargain bin for dividend-paying stocks. You often have to do your homework to find the fattest dividends. They are spread across ...


How to Find 'Strange Life' on Alien Planets
Detecting signs of life very different from that of Earth in the atmospheres of alien planets may be difficult, but it is possible, researchers say. A team of scientists examined models of "super-Earths" — exoplanets slightly larger than Earth — to ...

BBC News

Investigators Find 71 Bodies Inside Truck Abandoned On Austrian Autobahn
Huffington Post
The migrants likely suffocated, said Hans Peter Doskozil, chief of police in eastern Burgenland province. A Syrian travel document was found, indicating that at least some of the dead were refugees fleeing violence in Syria, though it wasn't clear if ...
Migrant crisis: Grim find of bodies in Austria lorryBBC News
Austrian Police Find Up to 50 Migrants Dead in TruckWall Street Journal
Grim find on Austrian road shakes European migrant crisis talksFinancial Times
ABC Online -Quartz
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Aging2.0 #30in30in30 World Tour Wants To Find The Best Startups For Seniors
Aging2.0 wants to change that. In September, the organization will travel to 30 cities in 30 days to find startups that cater to the elderly. Based in San Francisco, Aging2.0 supports tech entrepreneurs that serve the needs of older adults. It ...


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